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Together We Will Conquer Crypto

There are many niches within the crypto space. It is new, exciting, fast paced, and impossible to keep up with alone. You need a team. Join us now as we take on crypto together.

Members Benefits

Members receive benefits above and beyond that of other crypto groups. Exclusive access to presales, NFT project WLs and giveaways, shared resources and tools, and support on your journey via our core team and help desk. Click below to jump in and Get Started.


✔️Exclusive presale access $500 max contribution
✔️ Get first look at videos before they go public.
✔️ Access to amazing Discord channels:
    - TA/Education
    - Airdrops (free crypto)
    - VIP channel
    - NFT/Gaming discussion with members
    - DeFi help
    - Project discussion
✔️ Includes discord benefit
OR become a 
Big Dog 
OR become a 
Big Dog 


✔️Exclusive presale access $1500 max contribution
✔️You’re a high roller
✔️You get everything before everyone else
✔️You eat, sleep and breath crypto
✔️ All of the benefits of VIP PLUS:
✔️ Your own Big Dog Channel for alpha discussion
✔️ Heads up on content research before other tiers
✔️ Alpha on projects exclusive to Big Dogs
✔️ Exclusive Discord benefits:
    - Early access
    - Server-only updates
    - Exclusive content
    - Exclusive voting power
    - General crypto support
    - Behind the scenes content
    - Community chats, shared resources and alpha

* General widely known news/coin updates will still be shared in real time with everyone.

Crypto Education

CMTopDog’s community in Discord can help you get into your crypto journey or improve your skills.


Airdrop Guides

Detailed posts of potential airdrops, how to qualify and subject matter experts to discuss with.


TA Education

Entry to mid level TA education course material and subject matter experts to discuss with. Links to further reading, material, and resources.


NFT Education/Tools

Information to assist in your NFT journey, Links to expert tools to optimize and automate your NFT strategy.


DeFi Fundamentals

Understand key concepts in DeFi that make any protocol easier to understand and use.


Self Learners

There is a lot of educational material for those of you who prefer to study and learn without community support. Please see referral links below to exchanges that provide material that will help you on your journey.